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In September, 2012, the partners of Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, established the Rosenberg Martin Greenberg Continuing Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation. By establishing the Fund, the firm recognized the permanence in the community that 25 years of service reflects with an entity that seeks to influence the foremost challenge for our community.  The Fund was established to support organizations committed to education reform in Baltimore City. It is named a “continuing fund” because it will be a permanent charitable endowment at the Baltimore Community Foundation, continuing to grow and distribute grants for generations to come.

RMG Managing Partner Barry Greenberg said, upon the announcement establishing the Fund:  “Those of us who are part of the Baltimore community understand the necessity for improvements to the public education system in Baltimore.  The need  for educational opportunities of the highest levels for all students in this area is essential to the growth of and vitality of the City and its business prospects in the future.  The partners of RMG have been committed to this community for over 25 years and we believe there is no better investment in the future of this community than to support increased educational opportunities in our schools.”

With the establishment of the Fund, RMG announced the first two grant awards from the RMG Continuing Fund to New Leaders and Access Art, recognizing the role each plays in furthering excellence in education for Baltimore’s students.

Grant Recipients:

2016: Playworks

2016: Maryland Center for Construction Education and Innovation Inc. (MCCEI)

2015: Playworks

2015: BCF Fund for Education

2014: New Leaders

2014: BCF Fund for Education

2013: Achievement Services

2013: Young Audiences

2012: Access Art

2012: New Leaders

The partners, with the assistance of the Baltimore Community Foundation,  intend to continue to seek out and support organizations such as these in the future through grants from the Fund and the efforts of the attorneys and staff of RMG.  Clients, colleagues and friends are welcome to support the RMG Fund through tax deductible gifts to the Baltimore Community Foundation (Re:  RMG Continuing Fund) or by your efforts in the community.

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Non-profit organizations seeking to apply for the annual grants gifted from the Rosenberg Martin Greenberg Continuing Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation should read the Grant Guidelines and the application form by clicking here.