Brandon Mourges | Pro Bono Representation of Indigent Individual

Brandon Mourges, Partner at RMG

Organization: Representation of indigent individual
Role within Organization: Pro Bono Legal Services
Number of Years/Months Involved: 6 months

How did your pro bono representation help someone?

I recently assisted an unmarried couple living in Western Maryland.  It was discovered that the male homeowner had not filed tax returns and was assessed with tax, interest, and penalties of about $300,000 across several years.  The IRS was attempting to collect the tax and was seeking to foreclose on their real estate, including their personal residence.  I represented the female in protecting her interests in the real estate.  The end result was that she was able to continue living in her home and the IRS did not foreclose on much of their real estate.   In the end, the couple was able to satisfy their delinquencies with the IRS.

Does this organization affect Baltimore as a whole?

Without pro bono representation to support indigent individuals in the Baltimore area, those in need would not be able to obtain appropriate legal representation.