Barry Greenberg | New Leaders – Baltimore

Barry Greenberg, Managing Partner at RMG

Role within Organization: Board Member
Number of Years/Months Involved: 5 Years

Why do you volunteer your time specifically with this organization?

Improving the quality of Baltimore City Schools is essential for the City to be able to develop.  Whether it be real estate or other business matters, the City needs a well-educated population for the growth of its business community.  New Leaders seems to have a unique role in improving the school system by its commitment to training principals and assistant principals – the front line of in-school administrators.  Studies have shown that schools with high-quality leadership in the form of dynamic and effective principals have much higher achievement by the students, and perform at a much higher level than schools without a properly trained and inspiring principal.

Does this organization affect Baltimore as a whole?

A large percentage of the principals currently active in the BCPS have come through the program, so I think it has had a significant impact and has the ability to continue to be transformative for the school system.

What is your favorite memory of working with this organization?

One of the tours we did—there is a NL principal at the Baltimore Design School, which is in the old Lebow Clothes Factory, where my grandfather worked for 40+ years.

If you could do one thing to change the organization for the better, what would it be?

I think they need more funding in order to expand the mission for training.  The organization has a grant writer on the board, but needs more.